New train builds efficiency for China and Asean trade

BEIJING: The China-Laos Railway’s extension, the round-trip China-Laos-Thailand train, was successfully launched.

Trade between China and Asean members is anticipated to gain new momentum thanks to the new, reliable cold chain channel.

The 55-hour journey between Kunming, Yunnan province, and Bangkok, Thailand, is made up of 19. Refrigerated chain containers that can each hold 286 tonnes of fresh veggies.

The train will first travel to the Laotian station of Vientiane. Where it will undergo transshipment, before continuing on to Bangkok, according to China Railway Kunming Group Co Ltd, the railway’s operator.

The traveling time is one day shorter. The cost is at least 20% less than the old form of transportation. Which included both railway and highway travel.

The train will return with a full cargo of seasonal fruit, including longans and durian.

The China-Laos-Thailand round-trip train built a full-link service network. Incorporating Customs clearance, cold chain transportation, and supply chain services, according to Xiao Kunman, chief executive officer of ZTO Express’ South-East Asia division.