Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and LG Innotek have separately announced the temporary closure of their manufacturing plants in South Korea after workers tested positive for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019).

In a company statement, Samsung said that it’s Gumi factory will be closed until Sunday evening as they take all necessary measures, including disinfection, after it reported 1 confirmed case.

Samsung added that the floor where the infected employee worked will be reopened on Tuesday.

The Gumi line, which produces Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20 premium phones, is located near Daegu—the center of South Korea’s ballooning coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, LG Innotek has also shut down one of its five factories in Gumi after one worker tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The company, which supplies camera modules for Apple Inc’s iPhones, said the plant will be closed on Monday for disinfection.

Apple, through its centric blog Patently Apple, said that they have “no idea if camera module production for the iPhone will be meaningfully impacted or not at this point in time” because LG Innotek did not clarify which specific plant was closed.  

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the government is waging “all-out responses” to contain the outbreak in their country.

As of Sunday, South Korea has reported a total of 17 deaths out of 3,736 confirmed coronavirus cases.

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