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YU Kuan Huat YNH Director Lawsuit

Breaking News: Shareholders Unite Against YNH Property Bhd in Embezzlement Scandal!

Minority shareholders of YNH Property Bhd are rallying to file a monumental lawsuit against the company's directors for alleged fraudulent activities and embezzlement. Stemming from the notorious YU Syndicate, this case could reshape Malaysia's corporate accountability landscape. Get the full scoop on the scandal and the shareholders' fight for justice.
YU KUAN HUAT Lot 48632 YNH Property Bhd

Yu Syndicate’s Family Ties Unravel in RM 239.5 Million YNH Property & Rapid Synergy...

YNH Property Berhad and Rapid Synergy Berhad face a bombshell RM 239.5 million joint venture scandal, with hidden transactions and potential conflicts of interest involving close family members of the Yu Syndicate.

Massive Fraud Uncovered in YNH Property’s Phony Joint Venture Deal

YNH Property Bhd, a Malaysian property developer, is at the center of a RM20 million embezzlement scandal involving employees and related parties. The phony Joint Venture deal with Genius More Sdn Bhd raises questions about regulatory compliance, tax evasion, and fraudulent misappropriation of public funds. This is just one of many stories revealing suspicious money flows within the company.

YNH Property Bhd Directors Face Scrutiny Over ALX Asset Scheme Ahead of EGM

Explore the alleged fraudulent asset-backed security (ABS) scheme by YNH Property Bhd's Yu Brothers, potentially causing losses for shareholders and raising concerns about compliance with Malaysia's regulations.

YNH property’s latest RM 500 million asset sale exposed as Fraudulent

YNH Property's RM500 million asset sale is exposed as shareholder fraud, involving false claims of independence between ALX Assets Berhad and YNH Property Bhd. The YU Syndicate is suspected of involvement in this fraudulent deal.